Wicked Deals are Coming!

Posted on September 18th, 2017

Hey everyone, your favorite six foot tall rooster is back with some exciting Swiss Farms news! Halloween might be a ways off, but October is just just around the corner. We’re planning a spooky surprise a little early for all of you! Watch out for black cats and ladders, because Friday the 13th is on its way! But while you’re avoiding umbrellas and broken mirrors, make your way over to Swiss Farms because over here, it’s your lucky day! Drive thru on October 13th and spend at least $13 and have your choice of a 16oz. Swiss Cider, small Herr’s chips, fig bar, any of our Swiss Premium pints, or any Hershey’s chocolate bar (excluding king size) for free! That’ll get you out of the house on the unluckiest day of the year!

Stay tuned for more spooky Swiss Farms news this Halloween season. Remember, you can stock up on all the candy you need for trick-or-treaters here at Swiss Farms! You’ll be seeing me around at stores and at community events near you!